Beakers, Bench and Beyond

I am a scientist by heart. I love science and all that it can do. But after having completed a BSc, a MSc and a PhD, I discovered that my real passion is not in being in the lab, but in making what is found in the lab available to other people.

Scientific results are often featured in the non-scientific media. However, they are usually communicated by journalists who often don’t fully understand the science (with good reason – they are journalists), and that unfortunately affects the accuracy of their content a great deal. That problem obviously goes both ways. Scientists are not journalists and thus often have a hard time communicating in a language most people understand. We like to speak in our own little tribal language that only other scientists (preferably in our own field) can decode. This is our tradition, but it is not very conducive to bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and public knowledge.

Along with other scientists on the web, I would like to bridge that gap by communicating science and research in a language that is accessible to regular people. I will try to communicate new findings in science that I feel deserve a broader audience, but even more importantly, I will engage in the debate about science and research-related topics that are close to my heart and weighing on my mind.

Anne Steino.

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